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Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan

Whether you're a sole entrepreneur, in partnership, a home-based business operation, or part of a larger company, group benefits are an integral part of your business' security -- both financially, and in attracting and retaining the highest caliber of employees. The Chambers Plan creates a solid foundation for that security, and provides exceptionally stable benefits designed specifically for small business owners just like you! 

As a Chamber member, you have exclusive access to the #1 Employee Group Benefits Plan in all of Canada: The Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan! As a Not-For-Profit organization, their primary objectives are to provide you with comprehensive coverage for as little cost as possible. With a Chambers Plan you'll get the security you need, along with a group benefits plan that's personalized for the needs of you, your company, and your staff.
You'll also get:

Guaranteed Coverage

The Chambers Plan has no industry restrictions, and your plan can never be cancelled, as long as you pay your premiums. Plus, the Chambers Plan offers guaranteed coverage amounts for businesses with three or more employees.

Plan Flexibility

The Plan's flexibility lets you design an employee benefit program for any budget. Your Chambers Plan allows you to choose the coverage you want - from Life and Disability, Health and Dental, to Business Overhead coverage and even Critical Illness Benefits - all at a price you can afford.

Rate Stability

Let's face it – shopping for employee benefits isn't something you want to have to do every year. With the Chambers Plan's built-in rate stability, you won't have to. That's because with over 25,000 companies participating in the program, if one of your employees files a large claim, it's spread over a large pool – so you're guaranteed more stable rates from year to year

 Chamber Plan Group Benefits

For further information you can head to, or you can contact Roche Marchuk Financial Services, your local Sun Life office, to get yourself a free quote for a customized group benefits plan! They can be reached by phone at : 

(867) 667 - 2144, and by email at : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.